Les Brers

Kirk West's Photographic Journey with The Brothers

Meet the Author

This book represents my life’s passion and the accumulation of 40 years of my experiences with The Allman Brothers.

I hope you find something in it’s pages that reflect the experiences you had, in your journey with the band.

-Kirk West


Kirk West


Les Brers

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The Book

It’s not beyond possible belief that another book of this scope and depth could be assembled.
Assembled being the key word in that thought.
It is possible that by piecing together pictures from the collections of the individual band members, crew members, venue employees, fans and industry people someone could possible put together a book of this density.

However there is no single source that could provide a solitary viewing point, from which to see The Allman Brothers go down that road toward forever, as complete as the one presented here. To share the unique vision and point of view of one man through the turbulence of 4 decades of pure and true rock-n-roll lifestyles is the gift this book delivers.

This was all made possible by you!

The initial funding for this book was generated by friends seen and unseen through the crowd-sourcing website KickStarter. It was a truly humbling experience. I can not thank those early supporters enough.

Your contribution to this project, brought it to life.
I am not overstating this one iota. Without your backing
these images would have stayed in boxes probably forever.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and
know I can never tell you how much your trust and faith truly mean to me.

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Adam Abelson
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